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Ship'ping n 1. The act or business of transporting goods. (Webster Dictionary)

maestro39 won my auction for Ebay item #124623150.   The auction clearly states $3.00 FIXED SHIPPING COSTS (as checked at top of the auction).  maestro39 was upset because the POSTAGE on his package was in the amount of $1.58.  I very politely explained to maestro39 that he was paying for FLAT RATE SHIPPING costs, not POSTAGE ONLY, and that by bidding in my auction he had agreed to the modest shipping cost of the stated $3.00 (read my terms).  Shipping costs entail more than just the postage at the post office.  I buy my own materials including boxes, peanuts, bubble wrap, tape, ect.  His video included an oversized OEM box which was covered in very nice artwork front and back, so I took extra care in packing it up in an oversized box so that it would not be damaged enroute to him.  maestro39 could not seem to grasp the concept of  SHIPPING versus POSTAGE ONLY or that he had won an auction with FIXED SHIPPING COSTS, and so he felt it necessary to leave me negative feedback, this after I had already left him positive feedback.  My fixed shipping costs take into account the cost to the furthest reaches of the continental U.S. along with minimal charges for materials and handling.  I am not getting rich off of shipping costs as maestro39 seems to think, I simply use fixed shipping costs for security, simplicity, and expediency.  I believe my overall feedback with comments from satisfied buyers should speak for itself.

The bottom line is that maestro39 agreed to pay the $3.00 FIXED SHIPPING charge, and by bidding in my auction he accepted the terms of the shipping (again, read my terms).  The auction did not state the remainder of postage would be refunded, and it did not state shipping was postage only.  Many Sellers use fixed shipping costs for their auctions. THIS MEANS FIXED SHIPPING, NOT EXACT POSTAGE COSTS. The idea of refunding differences in postage when the Seller has checked FIXED SHIPPING is a stupid concept. Questions of this nature about shipping should have been asked BEFORE the auction was ended rather than AFTER, but maestro39 obviously doesn't care about his promises and agreements in the auctions hosted by others. By leaving me negative feedback he has admitted to violating HIS contract with me and he is not in compliance with Ebay's user guidelines. 


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