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Most of these I wrote freelance, and a few were published on 3dfx related websites back in the day (like the V3 vs V2 SLI on Mooshware.com, now gone forever).  Most, however, were simply posted to one of the 3dfx official news servers back when they were online.  Others have been posted at one time or another to the x3dfx Discussion Forum, but were lost due to time and server deletions.  Some I can't find anymore, and are probably lost forever in the abyss of cyberdark.  :(

VSA100 vs V3 PartII- yet another article hashing it out with the age old question: Does the venerable old V3 measure up to the VSA100?  Specifically, a shiny new V4 4500?  We test them head to head in a series of benchmarks, and give you the benefit of our hard wo2k.  Yes, we're gluttons for punishment. 

Voodoo5 Overclocking- a look at the performance increase you can expect by overclocking your V5 5500, and a few easy methods to accomplish this task.

Voodoo5 CPU Scalability - an analysis on the V5 5500's ability to scale with increased CPU speed.  Benchmarks by Teg "Solidstate."

VSA100 vs. Voodoo3 - a chip per chip, pound for pound comparison to see which GPU is the most powerful.  Some rather surprising results.

60+ FPS in Q3A @ 1600x1200 with a V5 5500 - as the title implies, a few cheats and methods for those with large monitors to have playable framerates at this resolution.  Cheats work to increase FPS in lower resolutions also.

Velocity 100 Review - I got it for next to nothing on Ebay, and boy did it perform!

Voodoo3 Overclocking - one man's attempt to delve into the netherworld of 200MHz with a V3.

Voodoo3 vs. Voodoo2 SLI - self explanatory, this article compared the performance of the V3 3000 AGP vs. a pair of Diamond Monster Voodoo2 in SLI.

I probably have more articles kicking around somewhere.  If I find them, I'll post them.  Also, if you are interested in one of your articles being published here, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

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