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3DSpotlight - Good source of general 3d information and news, tweak guides, and reviews.

3dfx Archivenew.gif (147 bytes)- terrific site modeled after the old 3dfx.com design.  Tons of information here, and very nostalgic with it's familiar web design.

Bandwidth Speed Test - brought to us by the cool guys at Bandwidth Place, you can test your internet connection real time to see exactly what type of speed you possess for online gaming. 

BOing's x3dfx Sitenew.gif (147 bytes)- factory drivers, bios, and his BOingpacks (drivers) are available here.

CAirey's Home Page - nice site design!  Cairey hosts his CA drivers here for V3,4, and 5 3dfx cards.  He's currently got a set of working XP drivers based on Hujer Hoe's fix.

MegaGames - Best source for trainers, cheats, and other associated stuff for games.

MSN Gaming Zone - one of the best free gaming communities left.   Duke3d anyone?  Go check out the Zonelan. duke3d.jpg (6826 bytes)

Nuangel's Helping Hand - my fellow partner in x3dfx moderation hosts his Nudriver's here for the V3, 4 and 5.  

OCAddiction - great site if you are into overclocking, plus lots of hardware and game reviews.

Planet Unreal - the best place around for mods, guides, and tweaking for Unreal and Unreal Tournament, the best games ever made.  ;)  Check out Nali City for some awesome maps.

Rashly Productions 3dfx Sitenew.gif (147 bytes)- really amazing site, with tons of files, images, hardware descriptions, and just about anything else you want to know about 3dfx.  Rashly really spent a ton of time on this one!  Modem users beware...make sure and choose the "low quality" link.

Reverend's 3D Pulpit - you know him, you love him, you wish you were like him.   j/k.  Reverend is now hosted again by Voodoo Extreme.

Seganet - Online gaming, pay to play.  I'm really bummed Sega canned Heat, it was the best.

Voodoo Extreme - My personal favorite spot for news around the gaming and graphics world.

Voodoo Files - One of the best places for anything 3dfx.

I'll probably add more links here as I go along.  If you have one you would like to share and see displayed here, please drop me a line and I'll check it out.

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