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You won't find huge archives of drivers here, but I have decided to make some rather difficult to find drivers available.  Please don't email me for drivers, and don't ask for help with the ones I've made available!  These are all unsupported, discontinued, or BETA drivers, so use it at your own discretion.  Webmasters, please DO NOT link directly to these drivers on your website!

Miscellaneous 3dfx Drivers:

SolidState Voodoo5 1.00.03new.gif (147 bytes)Win2k,1.5M - These are the newest set of the SS V5 drivers for Win2k.  Some files have been changed to the newest 1.04WHQL for better Directx8 compatibility with newer games, and the Refresh optimization has been retained for OpenGL and Glide (when used with 3dfx tools).  I modified these drivers specifically to play NWN, and although you can't see opening credits or movies, they work perfectly now in game.  View the README for more specific instructions for NWN compatibility. You might want to use the 1.00.02 if you only play older D3D games, as they don't have the 1.04WHQL Direct Draw bugs.

SolidState Voodoo5 1.00.02 Win2k, 1.5M - Teg's Windows 2k drivers that mix and match WHQL 1.03, 1.04, and x3dfx 1.07 components. It also has a custom .inf which privides refresh control for OpenGL and Glide, eliminating the "60Hz" bug that the original WHQL drivers are plagued by.  These drivers are thoroughly tested, and perform fast and stable.  Use these with the latest tools (below) for great Win2k performance.

Iceman Voodoo5 1.07.01 BETA Win9x, 2.1M - these were basically the latest 3dfx drivers and the fixed x3dfx driver update, along with a modified .inf files that opened up a few new features.  These are the bare drivers, no tools, help, or utilities.  I love these drivers, and have used them exclusively on my V5 5500 since they came out.  Noticeably faster OpenGL and D3D performance over the 1.04 WHQL drivers on my rig, and I've yet to have compatibility problems.  And they are VERY stable. They work fine for the V3 also.  I was unable to locate this driver set anywhere else on the internet, so here it is if you want to try it.  Your mileage may vary, ofcourse.

3dfx Overclocker  Win9x, 34K - the official 3dfx overclocking utility for the V3/4/5 series of cards.  Also allows the disabling of Vsync for both OGL/Glide and D3D.  Great little utility, and you don't have to hack the registry to use it.

V5 BIOS Flashkit 292k  - Okay, back by popular demand.  I have included BIOS 1.06, 1.15, and 1.18 for AGP cards, and 1.11 and 1.16 for PCI cards.  READ THE README BEFORE FLASHING!  Remember, you are responsible for flashing your card and the consequences thereof!  I make this kit available, and I have certified that it works on my own V5 with every single BIOS offered.  But I accept no liability if you dork up your card! No Whining!  :)

Velocity 100 Conversion Flashkit 235k - Finally available, this kit simply flashes the Velocity 100 from BIOS v2.15.06-SG to the same BIOS for an SGRAM 8MB Voodoo3 1000.  You can interchange these BIOS as you wish, and when booting up it will be displayed as the Voodoo3 1000 and it may make driver installations with standard V3 drivers a little less of a headache.  In any event, it's available and I have tried it on my own Velocity, and it works fine.  Also included are the README which MUST be viewed (Disclaimer), and instructions for the TMU Hack to enable the second Texture Mapping Unit.  Cheers!

3dfx Driver Archives:

FalconFly's Driver Archive - Huge bank of drivers, both factory and experimental.  Almost all 3rd Party Beta's are here, including the x3dfx Community, Omegadrive, AmigaMerlin, etc.

Voodoo Files - one of the best places to go if you need 3dfx files of any sort, including obscure drivers.  If you can't find it here, I dunno what to tell ya.

There are plenty more archives out there, but these seem to have the best combination of content and longevity.  If you have another really good archive link, pass it my way and I may post it here.  If you need WindowsXP drivers, you might try the x3dfx Discussion forum.  People are always posting new updates there in reference to this no support having, bloatware OS (sorry, couldn't help it!)

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