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12-23-01 Big shout out to Mack at OCAddiction, who was good enough to mention us on his website.  If you like to overclock stuff, you definitely need to pay his site a visit!  Also, check out the image archive for some new wallpapers I posted for you 3dfx freaks. 

12-22-01 Well, the 15th of December has come and gone.  For 1 full year we have been on our own, and 3dfx is officially defunct this coming February.   But the community is still pretty happening.  Drop by the x3dfx Forums and put in your $0.02. 

I hope everyone has a safe, happy holiday season.   May Santa be good to you!  :)

12-04-01 Found some extremely cool player skins for UT.   Play as George W., Bin Laden, or Arnold Schwarzeneggar and frag your heart out!   Funny stuff.

12-01-01 TC's Voodoo Page has completed some pretty cool AthlonXP/V2 SLI benchmarks for you die-hard V2 owners. 

11-25-01 I hate WinXP, and we're still debating about it's usefulness on the x3dfx forums.  Here is my top 6 reasons not to use WinXP:

1) Everything integrated, nothing compatible.   You will find much of your 3rd party software (like burning programs) not working. MS wants you to use everything MS, which is why they integrate it all into one tidy little package now. I actually prefer many 3rd party programs over MS equivalents, so this is a very negative aspect of this OS for me. This can also be seen in the API's not supported, specifically OpenGL, which runs in D3D wrapper. MS simply wants to dominate every single aspect of personal computing at the expense of consumer choice.

2) Huge, bloated, and selfish. This OS takes up so many system resources it's kinda funny. As a gamer with sub-1GHz systems on a home gaming LAN, I can't imagine installing this bloatware onto my smallish sub-20GB HD's and then trying to play games with it churning in the background. Not about to let MS force an upgrade when theres no need for it. I know others have bigger, faster systems, and don't share these views. But think of how much better you could run games in another OS that didn't hog so much stuff for itself.

3) 3dfx. XP doesn't support it, and I'm not interested in using it right now because of it. My V5 and V3 work perfectly in every game I play on my LAN in Win98SE, no need to ruin a good thing. Can't say I'll be thrilled at letting Nvidia force me away from my V5 anytime soon, regardless of their strenuous efforts to kill the card.

4) Game compatibility. XP doesn't have it, and I still play many many DOS based games. I like being able to pick out any title from my 10 year library of games and being able to play any of them. XP would pretty much ruin all of that.

5) Gaming performance.  It's about gaming for me, and even if I had the biggest, fastest computer on the market, I would wipe the drive of XP and put something else on there. XP is simply a sorry gaming platform, and this isn't going to change anytime soon. No GLIDE? No OpenGL? Sorri, no sale.  Need proof?


6) Invasion of privacy and crappy registration. I don't know about you, but the idea of XP monitoring my computer hardware activity, and sending my information to MS servers is not something I'm interested in embracing. I also do a whole lot of tweaking and changing out of hardware, continually experimenting with my systems. XP will effectively put an end to this for tweakers. No thanks! They can keep their intrusive registration scheme. And you say you can get around this with cracks and piracy? Maybe...


But remember, if you use XP, big brother is watching you. Cheers.

11-21-01 Teg's benchmarks on CPU scalability are finished, and an article with his results is now available on this website.  Great work Teg!

11-20-01 x3dfx-c 1.08.04 Voodoo5 drivers are out for Win9x, NT, Win2k, and WinXP!  You can download them now at Voodoofiles

11-16-01 Removed the older, free WickedGL from the drivers section.  Sorry guys, but I highly recommend that you purchase the full version of WickedGL from Wicked3d.  These guys really deserve your support for all their hard work.  They have continued to support the 3dfx community, and due to their dedication many new games that might otherwise not work at all on our Voodoos work great (i.e., Tribes2 and Serious Sam).  I simply started to feel like maybe I was undermining their efforts by providing an older free version, so it's history.

Lots of activity over at x3dfx.   Still awaiting the x3dfx-c 1.08.04 drivers.  :)

11-1-01 With great toil and trouble, I have finally finished the Velocity 100 Conversion kit.  It will allow you to Convert your Velocity in to a true Voodoo3 1000, and may make standard V3 driver installations less of a headache.  I tested it extensively on my Velocity, and it seems to work well.  Read the README for instructions on how I got standard drivers to install with no problems after using this kit.

I've also included a few more drivers and files, including the last x3dfx-c drivers for V3 and V5 for Win9x, and some other utilities.

10-30-01 After much inner reflection, I have expanded and made available the V5 BIOS Flash Kit once again.  The kit now supports both AGP and PCI cards with the included appropriate BIOS files.  I have tested the kit thoroughly on my own rig, and it works flawlessly.  Read the README before attempting to use this kit!  I am also in the midst of working on a similar kit for V3 BIOS flashing, and possibly a conversion flash kit for Velocity 100 owners that will allow them to load V3/5 drivers straight up with no .inf modifications and no headaches.   We'll see.

Also, new links to 3dfx pages were added in the Links section, as well as the Driver section for x3dfx-c driver archive.

10-27-01  Added a few more pics to the archive tonight.   I also was lurking at the Slacker Central 3dfx Refugees forum (as usual) and came across a link someone had posted to the old GayForce news archive.   Damn I remember that!  It made me laugh all over again.  :)

10-21-01 The BIOS Upgrade Kit has been pulled for the time being.  Some people were having issues with the BIOS versions not working with their pre-production cards.   Even though I implicitly outline the risk involved, I'm not comfortable with the idea of someone frying their card with my kit. Soooo...maybe later I'll expand the kit, and rework the files a bit to encompass even the pre-production V5's.

In other news, WinXP is coming out any day now.  Big Whoop.  If Microshaft has their way, they will kill all gaming unless it uses their crappy D3D.  I can't tell you how many people on the x3dfx forums post there wanting drivers for this OS.  All I got to say about it is, Do yourself a big favor and don't "upgrade" to that piece of crap XP.  It is bloated, uses way to much Hard drive and Memory, and hates 3dfx cards.  It hates all API's other than D3D (so much for OpenGL and Glide gaming, unless you like running them in a D3D wrapper.  Bah!)  Stick with the OS that works with your Voodoo, namely Win98/ME/2000.  XP is a NEWBIE OS plain and simple, experienced users will find nothing but headaches and incompatibility.  One reviewer even stated it was "the Fisher Price version of Windows2000."  And it currently sucks for gaming, so why use it, eh?

10-16-01 Okay, the flashkit is now fixed!  Sorry I screwed the pooch on that one, and mistakenly archived an older flash.exe which wasn't compatible with the V5.  I had everything in a single directory when I was putting it all together, and didn't check file sizes (the newer flash.exe is slightly larger).   Not to mention file dates.  DOH!

10-13-01 Added a drivers page - don't expect to much.   I have some hard to find stuff, but selection is pretty limited at this time.   I might put more there, but since you can find everything you need through the driver links I provide, theres not much sense in wasting the server space.  Also tweaked the site a little.  If you hadn't noticed, HTML isn't exactly my forte.   My webmastering approach is pretty straightforward KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Not much fancy in the way of design here, but content is whats important, right?  This site makes heavy use of the Algerian font, so if you don't have it, the site might look a little blah (it's blah enough as it is! :)  In unrelated news, this recently made me giggle quite a bit.

10-8-01  Welcome to the Voodoo Shack!  I set up this simple little website mainly to publish some of the articles I have written, and display some of the pictures in my archive.  Nothing really fancy here, just hopefully some good information for those who may need it. 

If you are in need of help for specific problem, or just would like to chat with other 3dfx users, check out the X3dfx Discussion Forums

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